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WROCLAW, Apartment 'Rzut Beretem' ( As Far as the Beret Falls )
Arriving at the dead of night in a foreign city is perhaps not the best time to make an appraisal of the location of a holiday apartment. Our taxi had delivered us to our destination, a dimly lit street with a Gothic cathedral on one side and a large block of concrete 60's style apartments on the other, all very gloomy. Our driver gestured towards a dark alleyway indicating the location of the apartment. We approached with apprehension, rang the doorbell and were given access to a small entrance lobby leading to a bare concrete staircase. Up we went to the first floor our apartment was the first door we came to. Due to our late arrive it had been arranged to meet the owner of the apartment who would give us access and leave us with the keys. Sure enough there he was with a happy welcome and after instructions on the facilities he wished us a good stay and off he went. Now we could look at our home for the next week, glancing round with open eyes and big smiles. What a contrast to the exterior approach! We found ourselves in a very clean, compact, contemporary and stylish apartment, our nervous apprehension evaporated. Sitting down with a cups of coffee we congratulated ourselves on the choice of apartment. 

Kitchen Area
On the next day in daylight we found  that the location of the apartment 'Rzut Beretem' ( As Far as the Beret Falls ) was as the name suggested close to all the attractions and amenities. Seconds away just around the corner and next to the Gothic cathedral which had appeared so forbidding the night before and whose architectural beauty could now be appreciated in the full light of day, was a paved area with seating and in the centre the' Euro Fountain', it was a relaxing setting.
The Euro Fountain and our apartment block just behind the Cathedral
Just beyond this only a minute away was the Rynek or Main Square of Wroclaw. Five minutes away in the opposite direction was the Galeria Dominkanska an extensive modern indoor shopping centre on three floors and five minutes beyond that Wroclaws main indoor market, Hala Targowa where top quality fruit and veg can be purchased at very reasonable prices. Most of the cities attractions were within ten minutes walk from our location. Our apartment was ideally situated for exploration of the city, perfect.

It had taken several evenings trawling the Internet to decide on our choice of accommodation before finally choosing an apartment offered by Inturs.net . We booked for seven nights for two people, the total cost was 1,320zl. Late night or early morning arrivals are accommodated and by prior arrangement we were allowed to leave our luggage there until 4.00pm on the day of departure. The owner promptly responded to all our queries and was extremely helpful.
Our initial doubts on the late night arrival were unfounded, we found the apartment to be beautifully appointed and ideally situated.

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KRAKOW, The Orient Ekspres
On our last two visits to Krakow we stayed in the Orient Ekspres Apartments and on both occasions found them to be comfortable, clean and quiet.
They have several apartments of varying size either overlooking Stolarska Street - a pedestrian thoroughfare in the center of Krakow's historic Old Town district or the picturesque inner courtyard .
There is also a very good restuarant on the premises serving a wide range of Polish dishes. Should you prefer to eat out  you will find an extensive variety of restaurants within walking distance.

Our main reason for selecting the Orient Ekspres apartment was its location only a fifteen minute walk from the main railway station, part of the walk being along the 'Planty Park', a green and pleasant park area running around the old city.
Once you arrive at the Orient Ekspres you are only a very short walk away from the Rynek Glowny, the main Market square in Krakow.
On arrival we were well looked after, Polish and English spoken. We were escorted to our apartment and given instructions on all the facilities. We found the apartment to be spacious and clean we were more than happy with it.
The contact details are as follows -
Orient Ekspres Restaurant
Stolarska St 13, 31-043 Cracow
The website is in English and well laid out

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Gdansk and Wroclaw apartments to follow