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Monday, 13 September 2010

Wroclaw, Flag Day 2010

Flag Day – formally a ‘Flag of the Republic of Poland Day’ since 2004 is annually organised on the 2nd May. The date was chosen to coincide with the ‘Polonia Day’ – celebrated as the reunion day for all the Poles, around 20 millions are now living outside their country. The aim was to help polish people identify themselves again with the national symbols after years of communist regime and teach the young generations about polish symbols and history. Although it is not a public holiday itself, in reality it ends up as being a day off and a national holiday for almost everybody as the National Flag Day celebration falls in between the unfortunate, traditional since communist era 1st May ‘Labour Day’ – with the working class parade and the 3rd of May, the ‘Constitution Day’ a very important holiday which was banned until 1990.
Wroclaw Flag Day 2010
Nowadays the polish white and red flag will fly out of the windows for the 3 consecutive days. The 1st of May is a joyful and weather willing – picnic atmosphere day with possibly a few parody like labour style parades in the cities. The 2nd of May hosts some lovely, happy and colourful celebrations.  
Cyclists at Flag Day Wroclaw
 This creates a suitable preparation for the national pride – Polish Constitution Day on the 3rd of May, when Poland celebrates the creation in 1791 of the first modern constitution in Europe.
Flag Wavers at Flag Day Wroclaw
On our trip to Wroclaw we were lucky enough to not only watch but also to participate in the Flag Day celebrations on the Main Market Square under the rays of sunshine. 
Young Flag Wavers at Flag Day Wroclaw
Surrounded obviously by lots of flags - the big ones for the adults and the smaller ones for the children we entered the smiling crowd of celebrating Poles. 
Flag Day Wroclaw
Here are some photos of the event – we hope you will enjoy them as much as we did taking them on that happy occasion.
Flag Day Wroclaw
Flag Day Wroclaw
Flag Day Wroclaw
Radio Wroclaw interviewing at Flag Day Wroclaw
Flag Day Wroclaw
All the photographs of the event can be viewed at our website Imagine Poland. 

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