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Monday, 28 February 2011

Wroclaw, Cafes and Restaurants

One thing certainly not lacking in Wroclaw is a variety of places to eat, the style of cafe's
and restaurants is certainly diverse, from back street cafe's to plush city square restaurants
all with their own character and style with equally appetizing dishes.
Krawozyk Restaurant, Wroclaw
Chatka Przy Jatkach
While in Wroclaw we had many traditional Polish dishes, Bigos (Hunters Stew), 
Pierogi (Stuffed Dumplings),Zurek Soup (Rye Soup with Sausage and Egg) and lets 
not forget one of my favourites, Potatoe Pancakes also various delicious Polish Sausages, 
just mouth watering thinking about them. 
All dishes at the places we visited were well presented and amicably served, 
also well priced . 
Chatka was one place of note, lots of character, very traditional with smiling happy waitresses 
and quick service, also a vast array of dishes and on the plus side a menu in English.

Zurek, soup in bread
Several places we visited specialised in sweets, one in particular Cukiernia in the 
Market Square had such a choice of mouth watering cakes and sweets you just knew 
any thoughts of a slimming diet were futile, the ones we had were superb. Don't just take 
my word for it, get on the next flight go there, try them, dissapointed you will not be.

Cukiernia, Superb Sweets and Confectionery
For a delicious pizza Novocaina in the Market Square is the place to go and if its not to 
busy and you can manage the spiral staircase one of the best tables is on the first floor 
with a view of the Market square, the food we had was terrific and the view superb.

Look at that sweet , how could you resist it, we did'nt

Our dining experiences in Wroclaw were fantastic, great food and service with helpful  friendly advice. 
Don't hold back, enjoy.

For an in detail explanation of Polish cuisine have a look at Poland Culinary website, 
this will tell you everything you need to know.

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