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Monday, 17 January 2011

Imagine Poland, Wroclaw, City Life and People

One of the most interesting of our galleries to photograph is City Life and its People, such a range of characters all with their own purpose, travelling to work, on holiday, street entertainers, shoppers or just strolling through the streets and squares.

City Life in Wroclaw is vibrant at all levels. The students bring joy, love and enthusiasm to everyday life and it’s the students that fill the streets of Wroclaw. The busy traffic free Swidnicka and Olawska streets are packed with crowds of real and window shoppers, tourists and businessmen dashing for the next meeting. As to the public transport the omnipresent in Wroclaw are certainly the blue tramways – made famous in the old polish songs.

Wroclaw, Blue Tram
Apart from the usual traffic there are also many cyclists.

Wroclaw, Rynek Cyclist
The City has an abundance of theatres and cultural and artistic institutions but as if it was not enough it’s renowned for its music festivals and the outdoor events.

Wrocklaw, Tumski Bridge
You can have a laugh at the humour of parody of the communist 1st May Day Parade. On the other hand there is a beautiful and proud celebration of Poland’s recently introduced national Flag Day.

Wroclaw, Flag Day

There is always something happening in the City of Wroclaw – the Meeting Place.

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Imagine Poland, The Churches of Wroclaw

The number of churches in Wroclaw possibly  exceeds the average need but it’s just one example of  the diversity of the city. The churches vary enormously in their architectural styles, remarkable features, sizes and location as some of them are on the main land and some on the isles.
The Cathedral of St John the Baptist on Ostrow Tumski, Wroclaw

Although the majority are of Roman Catholic Faith, you will find them all neighbouring one another with the Orthodox and Protestants churches and also a Synagogue. Certainly Wroclaw’s churches are worth visiting for seeing both the beautifully decorated interiors, fascinating history and also climbing or in some cases being taken by a lift to the top of the towers to admire the stunning views of the town.
View from the Cathedral of St John the Baptist on Ostrow Tumski, Wroclaw

For the latter ones – particularly advisable are St Elizabeth’s Church in the immediate vicinity to the Rynek, and on the other side of the Market Square – 
St Mary Magdalene Church, Wroclaw
the St Mary Magdalene Church with its curious ‘The Witches’ Bridge’ spread among the 2 twin towers of the church, and finally the grand Saint John the Baptist Cathedral.
Church of St Mary on the Sands, Wroclaw

A completely unique ambiance will embrace you while crossing the river to Ostrow Tumski – the historical cradle of Wroclaw, that later became a royal and religious sanctuary. Originally an island – Ostrow Tumski still conserves this special feeling and is home to five amazing churches including the most important above mentioned cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace – a museum at present – with stunning gardens.
Ornate Water Spouts on the Cathedral of St John the Baptist on Ostrow Tumski, Wroclaw

It’s only here that at night you can still stroll on the cobbled lanes among beautifully cut greenery in the light of original gas lamps.

View all our photographs of the churches of Wroclaw at www.imaginepoland.com

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