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Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Gnomes of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the meeting place: meeting of new with old, modern with tradition, trendy with old fashioned, industry with culture and art, city with gardens, islands with rivers. The bridges of real and abstract nature seems to be crossing all over the city. Perhaps one of the most unusual of these meetings is that of the tiny fairy tale gnomes. What differs as well is that although it’s possibly the most exciting thing for children this time also adults can see the little creatures. Dating back to what was originally graffiti of Wroclaw’s Orange Alternative movement of the communist era, the little gnomes started to appear in the city in 2005 being the creation of local artist Tomasz Moczek. 
A Very Full Gourmet Gnome
The first 32 were commissioned by the City’s Council, the others by local businesses which more than tripled this number. There is even a map available listing all the 123 gnomes and telling their little stories. Now it’s the major tourist attraction as children are looking forward to sightseeing and gnomes hunting in one. The locals give them affectionate glance on the way to work and the gnomes are just doing all sorts of! There are two Sisyphuses pushing the ball, 
A Very Sleepy Gnome
the Sleepy guarding the entrance to the Dwarf’s Village, the Football Fan supporting Silesia, the Gourmet who’s eaten too much, the newly wed Mr&Mrs Dwarf, the Cinema Lover, The Prisoner and the Dumpling Eater, the Postman, the Washer on the bank of Odra river and the ones that are leading their lives on the lamp posts. 
Gnome with Ball and Chain in Prison
It’s a real challenge to spot them all and it’s a great fun as well  - enjoy it! we did. 

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