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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Wroclaw, Thanks Jimy Festival 2010

A Jimy Hendrix Festival in Wroclaw and it was going to be held in the main square the day after we arrived, May 1st.
Poster advertising the event
 I did some more investigation on the internet and discovered that this festival was in its eighth year and in 2009 a guinness world record had been achieved with 6,346 guitars playing along to 'Hey Joe' under the direction of Leszek Cichonski one of the best European blues rock guitarists.
Leszek Cichonski
This year saw 4,597 guitarists registered, not quite as many as the  previous years record but you have to admit thats a lot of guitarists.

Some of the artists featured on stage were Greg Koch, Marek Piekarczyk, Mieczyslaw, Mark Raduli and former lead singer of Genesis, Ray Wilson.
It was a great event to photograph, so many opportunities.

The atmosphere was fantastic, an event attended by all ages. The afternoons festival ending with everyone raising their guitars at the end of the last song, what a sight !

There was then a procession to the next venue on one of Wroclaws islands for an evening concert.
I have marked the date in my calandar for next years event, this is not to be missed.

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wroclaw, The University

One of the special places on our list to visit was Wroclaw University which is located on the banks of the Odra river and only a ten minute walk from the Rynek ( Market Square ).
The main university building is open to the public and houses some spectacular attractions. Entry costs are variable depending on how many areas you wish to visit.
Looking across the River Odra towards Wroclaw University
On the ground floor is the Oratorium Marianum  a beautiful and ornate concert hall whose decorations we found quite stunning although not to sure about the modern purple/mauve seating.
Also on the ground floor is a small museum which displays the history of the university since 1702, one of the exhibits which stands out in my mind was a poster photo showing the devastation of the area at the end of WW2.
Staircase leading to Aula Leopoldina
A staircase decorated in a fresco style leads up to the main hall, Aula Leopoldina this room is quite spectacular and well worth the visit. Here you will find a sense of the history, traditions and ceremony of Wroclaw University. On the walls in between the windows are oval portraits of many of the university founders and if you look upwards you will see frescoes by Christoph Handke, also watch out for the sculptures by Franz Joseph Mangoldt.
Wroclaw University,the Aula Leopoldina
Wroclaw University, the Aula Leopoldina
Displayed on the walls of the final staircase which lead to the Mathematicians Tower are paintings and photographs depicting the history of the university.
The final attraction at the top of the staircase is The Mathematicians Tower which gives an amazing panoramic view of Wroclaw and the River Odra from its terrace.
Wroclaw University, the Mathematicians Tower
Views over Wroclaw from the University Mathematicians Tower
At each corner of the tower looking out over the City are symbolic statues depicting four faculties Theology, Philosophy, Medicine and Law.
Wroclaw University, statue at the corner of the Mathematicians Tower
Wroclaw University, statue at the corner of the MathematiciansTower 

In the courtyard area to the front of the University can be found the statue of the Naked Swordsman It is rumoured the statue depicts a previous student of the university who after a drunken evening lost all his money and clothes playing cards keeping only his fine sword.The statue was erected as a warning to others.

The Naked Swordsman, Uniwersitecky Square, Wroclaw